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Submit your information. It will be verified and added to the published list for this mass loss. No private information will be published. You will be added to an invite only no spam mailing list that will keep you up to date on the progress of this.

We are seeking help to recover funds for over 500+ investors of a $6.5billion USD crypto project backed up by a number of major companies and foundations. Please contact us if you can help this large group of investors to recover some or all of their lost funds. 

The lawsuit has not seen progress. Instead we are gathering data from victims of the theft to assist in any future solution to this case through the authorities and iota foundation. 

Bounties are being created through donations from the victims and their supporters. These bounties are to be rewarded in IOTA. There is a need for tools to be created for further validation and tracking of lost funds. These will be open source under GPL. Check back here for a list of tasks and awards. 

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Loss Totals

592+ users

3,751,000+ IOTA

$6,977,000+ USD

936+ bitcoins

Updated as of June 1 2018





Continuing the CALL: Legal

This website is a single source for reporting your loss and following the progress of any legal action by this community. We all want to make sure this loss does not happen again. The goal of this site is to gather information to proceed with legal action against those responsible.

Examination: iotaseed.io

Website iotaseed.io is blamed as the worst of the hacked seed-generators. In IOTA documentation itt was linked as the first step to making a secure wallet. This article by Alex Studer breaks down the code behind this site and describes this attack vector. link

First: Call to ACtioN

From the HelloIOTA forum began this call to action to stop this from happening again and find out those responsible and hold them accountable. Check this forum to see the latest discussion of losses from these multiple and ongoing mass thefts. link

Discovery: all those posting stolen balances

First this problem was blamed on user's miss-handling their seed. However their first seed was invalidated after the last release, forcing all users to seek documentation online that pointed to seedgen as the best way to recover their original balances. link

Press: iota Attacked For Subpar Wallet Security Following $4mm+ attack

The IOTA project is again the target of public anger and criticism. This time the issue is a feature of the technology that apparently allowed scammers to steal around $4 million from many unsuspecting users.  iotaseed.io is blamed as the worst of the hacked seed-generator. link


One user can be stupid, 500+ users making the same mistake at the same time means the wallet software is defective...
— HelloIOTA Forum


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Use the form below to contact us regarding your IOTA wallet loss. Please be as detailed as possible, if you are missing some information do the best you can or put unknown in the required field. Include your full name and email, along with as much specific information you have. Non-international phone number format, so add instead to end of form. To help us best service your case, we recommend that you also include any additional information about your loss at the end of the form.

Only the following information will be published: IOTA lost, IOTA address, stolen address, source of IOTA.

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